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Thank you, Even Stevens Sandwiches

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by Rachel Fishbein, Food Pantry Dirctor

Do you know Even Stevens, the sandwich place? Well if you haven’t heard about it yet, I will tell you about it now. It is a sandwich shop with a cause. Steven Down, the founder, wanted to give something back to the community when he opened the first shop in June of 2014.

And after donating over 30,000 sandwiches to local non-profits in the first 6 months, he knew this could have a future.


Even Stevens has since partnered with several local non-profits. Crossroads Urban Center has just become the newest participant, partnering with the new location in Draper.

For every sandwich sold, the ingredients of one sandwich will be donated to us. So the more sandwiches they sell the more “sandwich food” our food pantry will get. For last month’s sales we were able to receive fresh cheese, peanut butter, jelly and tuna.  This greatly improved the quality of the food we are able to give to people who came to our food pantry for help!

A hearty thank you to Even Stevens from all of us. 


2015 Wine and Cheese Party

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Come to our fall fundraising party! Dine on select wines, gourmet cheeses, assorted breads, and fresh fruit. Make new friends, enjoy great music, and support a wonderful cause. Tickets are $45 in advance, $50 at the door, and $250 for a table of six. Order tickets here on Eventbrite or by calling (801) 364-7765 ext. 107.  Get a flyer here.


Our summer volunteers

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by Rachel Fischbein, Pantry Director

During the summer we get some very special volunteers-- the children and grandchildren of our normal volunteers and staff members.  Let me tell you about a couple of them.


Jill Johnson with her grand daughter Kate who will start first grade in the fall.

Every once in a while she has been coming with her grandmother for the past three years and slowly was able to be more and more helpful. By now she knows her way around and is not shy anymore around our volunteers.



My co-worker Bill Tibbitts with his son Oliver. I’ve known Oliver since he was a little baby and has attended many staff meetings. When his dad brought him to work every once in a while he slowly started spending time at the pantry doing little things. By now he feels totally at home here at Crossroads. Everyone knows and loves him, and we always find something to do for him.


Tony Strong with his youngest daughter Tia who by now is a teenager. But when I first met her she was just a skinny little girl. Her dad has been volunteering for many years. It first started when he helped us on our yearly turkey give-aways on the holidays. Soon he started to bring Tia along. Now during the summer she helps her dad on his Friday morning shift at the pantry.


Zach, my co-worker Christine’s son is donating plastic bags. We try hard to recycle everything possible and also encourage people to provide their own reusable bags.

I’m always surprised how eager the kids are to be helpful when they see their parents/grand parents at work. It lightens the atmosphere at the pantry and brings a smile to the clients’ faces when one of the kids hands them a box of food.

I believe it is important to teach our children that they are not the center of the universe. We are all in this together. There are people that live different than they do, look different, behave different and sometimes even smell different. There are people that need a little bit of help once in a while, and it is good to know and understand about those realities.

Social justice is a big word here at Crossroads, and these kids grow up knowing what this word means.

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