The Crossroads Thrift Store was founded in 1966, the same year as Crossroads Urban Center, with a mission to provide clothing and household items to those in need.

Originally part of the main Crossroads building, the store was soon moved to a small building near Liberty Park.  In 1996, it was relocated to 1385 West Indiana Ave., where it remains today.


The store is officially named after Virginia Butterworth Parmalee, who managed the Crossroads Thrift Store as a full-time volunteer for over 22 years.  She also worked extensively with youth, both through Crossroads Urban Center, and as a volunteer at the YWCA in Salt Lake City.  Although she actively avoided recognition for her work, she received virtually every conceivable volunteer recognition award during her career, including the inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award from Crossroads Urban Center in 1994.

Virginia was working in the Thrift Store, as always, the week before her death in May of 1997 at the age of 85.  In order to honor this remarkable and irreplaceable life, the Board of Directors of Crossroads Urban Center dedicated the building housing our Thrift Store as The Virginia B. Parmalee Community Center on August 20, 1997.  Virginia's compassionate spirit, dedication to service, and commitment to justice for the poor will inspire the people of our community for generations to come.

Crossroads Thrift Store
1385 West Indiana Avenue (850 South)
Salt Lake City, UT  84104
Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 6:30 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM 
Thrift Store rules:  People who need help purchasing clothing may receive a voucher for our thrift store from our food pantry.  To receive assistance with a voucher you must bring some form of identification to our thrift store for everyone in your household who needs clothing.  For children the identifying document must include birthdate information.  For adults we need picture identification.